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Villa Silver — By Måns Tham Architects

Converted functionalist house in the programme SVT Husdrömmar

In Saltsjöbaden right outside Stockholm, the architectural firm Måns Tham Arkitektkontor has converted the Silver family’s childhood home to a real functionalist dream with a modern twist. The house and the project drew attention in the programme Husdrömmer on SVT, and the well-known architect Gert Wingårdh was impressed, to say the least.

The house is subterranean and located on a cliff, where the surroundings are characterised by beautiful pines. The functionalist style of the house has been preserved, even though the back of the house contained hidden playful and modern features, where a beam layout stretches out and creates a beautiful sunshade over sturdy oak elements.

Traditional plank floor

Already at an early stage, the Silver family had their minds set on a beautiful plank floor with the perfect width and length in order to maintain the functionalism feel of the house. They did not want too wide planks, but not too narrow either, and they finally decided on 240 mm wide planks with varying plank lengths from 2 to 4 meters. The varying lengths mean that you can use as much of the wood as possible, and they provide a natural and dynamic look.

Colour-matched plank floors

Choosing a surface treatment for your wooden floor can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming choices. The Silver family had a clear vision right from the beginning of the plank floor matching wall panelling, kitchen and window sections. It was important to have a common thread in the project. After considering several different options, they ended up with a beautiful brown hardwax oil with mahogany elements.


Photographer: Foad Kahrobaee
Architect: Max Tham Arkitektkontor
Choice of floor: Wide and long plank floor, 240 mm wide, 2 – 4 meters in bespoke hardwax oil surface treatment

Learn more about plank floors here.

What does the floor cost?

The price varies depending on the width, length and grading of the oak plank floor. The wider the planks, the more expensive the floor, and the purer the wood regarding knots and colour variation, the less accessible it is, which also makes the floor more expensive.

Suitable for under floor heating?

Our plank floors are suitable for underfloor heating as long as you comply with our recommendations and guidelines. When laying floors over underfloor heating, we recommend our unique three-layer glued construction, where each layer consists of solid wood that is cross-laminated in order to prevent movement and provide better dimensional stability without compromising on the feeling of a solid wooden floor.


Our plank floors are available as FSC-certified upon request. When choosing raw materials, we are very careful about making sure that the wood comes from sustainable forestry. Furthermore, we process the wood with the ambition of using as much as possible of the log.

Surface treatment

Our plank floors can be delivered pre-treated or untreated in order to be treated on site. We recommend discussing this matter with your floor layers regarding which option they prefer. Please note that some of the colours we provide can only be applied during production and some only on the laid floor.