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Meet the architects — Home of Michaela Forni

In a beautiful building in Östermalm, in lovely architecture from both the 20s and new modern additions, we find the entrepreneur, influencer and writer Michael Forni’s fine home designed by Stockholm-based LOOK Projects. In this feature, interior architects Victor Ohlsson and Helena Dyessen talk about their vision and philosophy in the project.

Who are LOOK Projects?

We are inspired by the mix between different creative fields such as fashion, design, interior design and art. For us, it is important that the feeling is right from the start and we spend a lot of time finding the right inspiration and approach in the projects before we move forward in the design process. We believe in a mix between classic simplicity, 70s funky and modern that is in keeping with the times. Everything must be there to create the personal and eclectic that is so important in a good interior design, we think.


What was your vision for the project?

The project is in an older apartment on Östermalm in Stockholm, but built together with various parts from both the 20s and more modern additions. Our goal was to create a common thread and make the entire floor harmonize nicely.
The vision was to bring out the apartments original details and add new materials that made it lift and take the step further into the present. We wanted few, but high-quality materials and we have worked a lot with wood, stone and plaster. Material that gives a lot of feeling and personality.

How did you go about choosing the floor?

We carefully chose the few materials on which our basic idea is based. Marble from Italy, lots of travertine and the beautiful solid wooden floor in light oak. We chose a large herringbone parquet in a light and gentle tone. Together with moldings and details in Travertino Classico, it was a magical combination. We chose classic laying in a herringbone pattern over Chevron laying as we thought the overall look and flow between the rooms looked so nice with herringbone. The size of the herringbone parquet gave a solid feeling there but you really get to take part in the material, which is very important to us and part of the basic idea.