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Flooring trends for 2024

In this post, we will sum up the most dominant wooden floor trends in the years to come. Thanks to our close cooperation with national as well as international architects, we have a clear view of the future and what will be most in demand regarding the look of wooden floors. The most obvious trends are increased durability, larger dimensions as well as earthy and darker colours. Mainly, wooden floors will be more significant and be given pride of place in our homes, and they will generally constitute a more important choice in our interior decoration.

Warm and natural tones

For a long time, light oak floors have been a strong trend in Scandinavian homes, where they have let the kitchen and darker wooden furniture stand out. In the years to come, you will see that wooden floors become a more important choice, forming the basis of a beautiful decor. Natural, warm and dark nuances are more sought-after than ever. The down-to-earth wood shades are often matched with warm yet light wall colours in order to maintain the Nordic design.


In recent years, the construction industry has faced significant supply difficulties, partly because of world events, but also due to actual shortage of materials. Demand used to be high for materials without knots, and the ”imperfect” parts of the tree went to waste. In order to minimise the impact on the forests of our planet, we have longed for a trend with focus on true appreciation of natural materials. I the years to come, you will see strong parallels between the choice of wooden floors and environmental awareness, where more character in the shape of knots and natural defects are in demand.

Using plank floors with mixed widths and varying lengths, the raw material is utilised completely, and the floors are a delight to the eye while maintaining the minimalist decor.

Variation in wood species

For a long time, oak floors have been the obvious choice within Nordic interior design. In the next few years, people will become more playful when choosing wood species, and materials such as Ash, Douglas fir and Aalnut will become more dominant. A mix of different types of wood will give your interior character and depth. This places higher demand on the supplier, and you should make use of our expertise in choosing nice colour combos.

The floor becomes ceiling and walls

A very interesting trends that will become evident in the years to come consists of letting the floor continue in the ceiling and on the walls and using the material for other elements in your interior decoration. Our homes are our safe place, and what is more calming than being surrounded by down-to-earth natural materials. Create a pleasant common thread in your interior decoration by using the floor as wall or ceiling panels, and make sure that you use the same shade.