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Case Study — Vyn Restaurant by Daniel Berlin

In southern Sweden, in the picturesque and culinary Österlen, you will find one of Scandinavia’s most extraordinary restaurants. Top chef Daniel Berlin, who used to run Daniel Berlin Krog, and who has been awarded a remarkable two Michelin stars in the prestigious Michelin Guide, opened VYN Restaurant this autumn. In an old barn, located on a hill with a grand view of the Baltic Sea, this absolutely world-class restaurant and the appurtenant boutique hotel and wine bar have been established. Here, all your senses will be awakened, in a unique atmosphere created through beautiful and warm architecture. Contributing to this amazing setting, CHEVRON has provided beautiful plank floors for the restaurant as well as the hotel that reflect the architecture as well as the cuisine’s precision and attention to detail.


“My vision is to create a place where you can enjoy fantastic gastronomy in a beautiful setting. A place where you can relax, get a break from the hustle for a while, and recharge. A place where you can just be” – Daniel Berlin.

Interior designer Lisa Mannheimer from the architectural firm Fojab Arkitekter explains that her objective was to form a connected whole and turn Daniel’s vision into reality – to create a place for a kind of holistic experience, where the restaurant and the food are in focus, but where the interior also becomes an important part of the whole experience. She explains that the keywords of the project have been Scandinavian, Nordic, local with a touch of international elegance, personality, craftsmanship, art and natural materials.

“My idea and intention were to create a place where the materials used give you a feeling of high quality. The materials should ”speak” to the place and feel like the natural choice for VYN in particular“ – Daniel Berlin

Lisa Mannheimer continues to explain that the material for the wooden floors was one of the most important choices to be made in order to define the style and give the room the atmosphere they were looking for: i.e. robust, but also exclusive, warm and soft. She also believes that the wooden floors are positive from an acoustic perspective, as they provide a lovely natural and softened experience.

Together with Daniel, Lisa chose floors made of long and wide planks with butterfly joints, treated with the colour ”201 Ljunghusen” from Chevron; a beautiful, natural hard wax oil.

“The quality as well as the ambitious aim of finishing the project on time were vital. CHEVRON provides quality work, and the end product was exactly what I wanted it to be” – Daniel Berlin

You will find this culinary experience on Höga Vägen 72, Simrishamn, and you can make a reservation here.

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