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How do you choose the right floor?

Choosing the right type of floor is not always as easy as you might think. When we are starting a new renovation project or new construction, we often have a clear image of what we wish to achieve – but once we start familiarising ourselves with the details, there are suddenly many decisions to make that we had no idea existed. Light or dark? Which dimensions? Patterned or not? Oil or varnish?

We would be happy to use our many years of experience to help you find the best floor for you. After all, the floor is the whole basis of your interior design.

Type of floor?

Are you looking for a classical feeling, or would you like to achieve something more modern? By reflecting on the architecture of the house/building as well as the feeling you wish to achieve, you can quickly get a comprehension and a general idea of the kind of floor you would like.

We make everything from plank floors to patterned wooden floors such as chevron and herringbone parquet. Generally, a plank floor provides a more minimalistic and calm impression compared to a patterned wooden floor.


When you are faced with having to choose the type of floor, you may not always consider the dimensions

In addition to item 1, the choice of dimensions is vital as to whether the interior design is perceived as modern or classical. Long and narrow pieces are synonymous with classical, while wide and long pieces/planks are becoming more normal in newly constructed properties and are considered more modern. However, one does not exclude the other.

Color and surface treatment

After this, you have to choose the right colour. The fact is that we get the most enquiries about the subject of colour.

Think about it, and try to find the common thread in your interior design. Having said that, it is not necessary to stick to one colour. You should be thinking more about finding the right shade, light or dark. A light floor usually feels more airy, and the room is perceived as larger, while a dark floor attracts more attention and takes up space.

Order colour samples from us, and create your mood board in order to find a carefully thought out and harmonious style. One tip would be to place the samples in the different rooms where you want the floor in order to see how the colour is affected by the varying light during the day.


Premium, nature or classic?

The choice of character is just as important as the choice of colour. Character means the number of knots, knot sizes, colour variations in the wood etc. on a larger surface. In the industry, this is called grading, but we call it character, as the number of knots and colour variation are not synonymous with quality. Rather, the choice is relevant to the feeling you wish to create in the room.

If you want more character in your floor and the oak, you would often choose “Classic”, where the colour of the oak varies, and the floor may have large knots and cracks. All open cracks and knots are filled with a so-called ”filler”. The fillers can have various colours depending on your wishes. If you want a calmer impression, you should choose ”Premium”, which has very few visible knots. Furthermore, the colour of the oak is more homogeneous and clean in the Premium grading. The Nature character lies in between the other two.


The choice of construction is vital to a floor that is intended to last for several generations.

Usually, a floor with an engineered construction is “more stable”, as the wooden fibres are placed in different directions, which makes the floor stronger in case of different moisture percentages and climates. Contrary to this, a solid wooden floor is more sensitive and has a tendency to expand/shrink at different moisture percentages. Many think that a solid wooden floor lasts longer – we have not found this to be correct, as it is the thickness of the top layer above the core that is important, i.e. the part that can be sanded.

In case of underfloor heating, we recommend an engineered construction.