Floor installers

We appreciate and value skilled and high-quality craftmen and business colleagues. By certifying floor layers and partners/resellers, we ensure our custo- mers an exclusive and professional overall experience.

We work closely with you to turn your ideas and visions into reality. Each and every project requires its unique touch – together with our long experience and experties, we provide you the benefit to customise your flooring in terms of dimensions, patterns and colors.


Underfloor heating

A common question is whether our floor can be laid on top of underfloor heating? The answer is yes, our floors are suitable on top of underfloor heating as long as our recommendations and instructions are followed. We recommend the engineered solution for a more stable floor during all seasons when the relative humidity changes.


We strive to increase awareness of what sustainability really means in practice. We have sustainability as a cornerstone in every decision made, from sourcing of raw material over transportation to a healthy working environment. All wood is sourced out of sustainable European forestry, where care and respect for nature has been an important principle for many years.

Why become certified floor installer?

To become Chevron Parquet certified, your company will gain the benefit of being a part of our network and take advantage of our expertise regarding wooden floors.

Our program will give your company insight to our company and a deeper knowledge of using our products. We recommend the very best craftsmen in the industry to our customers – take the opportunity to be a part of a larger network.



At least 5 years of experience in laying pattern wooden floors.


Your must have extensice know-how of the products we use, and you can work according to our recommendations and instructions.


You meet our stringent requirements for customer satisfaction and take pride of your professionalism.

How to Order


Once you have filled out the form below, our consultants will contact you.


Once you have filled out the form below, our consultants will contact you.


Once you have filled out the form below, our consultants will contact you.

How to Order


Get in touch

By visiting any of our showrooms, booking a online meeting or giving us a call, our sales team are ready to discuss your dream project.


Choose your floor

Experience and sense our flooring delivered to you by ordering samples through your contact person in our team.


Ready to order

Once you have chosen among our many options in terms of pattern, finish, dimensions and constructions, we are ready to put your floor into production. Normal delivery time is between 5-10 weeks.

Order a sample

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